Style for women over 50

Style for women over 50

Fashion does not have to stop as we age. Who said women over 50 can’t be stylish? Well, here are a few tips on how to look fabulous without trying to look younger:

  • Embrace your age with confidence
  • Appreciate and honor your body
  • Age with kindness and joy
  • Inspire your confidence and celebrate your inner joy

You are not too old to!

Inner Joy Activewear really hits the mark when it comes to aging gracefully. Our clothes are designed with YOU in mind. Why not wear clothes that YOU love and that love you back? Clothing that really makes you love who you are and connect with yourself and your true inner joy! Inner Joy created staple pieces that give you  freedom to be who you are, with a sense of feeling confident in whatever you chose to do with a sense of style and wanting to live life to the fullest. Inner Joy gives you entitlement to be you and embody our truest potential, especially after 50.


Inner Joy Activewear shows women that they can happily enjoy exercising, dancing, walking, yoga, Pilates, travel, lounging and more! All clothes are washable and seldom wrinkle while packing! You’re able to travel in comfort and coziness and pack a few pieces that can easily be mixed and matched. Our pieces were designed to bring you comfort and joy from all of your day-to-day activities. Isn’t it time you sparked your Inner Joy? Shop Inner Joy Activewear today!

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