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We believe that every woman, no matter her age, should have clothing that helps her to
feel comfortable, confident, and celebrated. We are on a mission to inspire fun and
empower our inner joy.

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Shirt jacket unlike any other

At Inner Joy Activewear, we believe that age is just a chapter in your story. Our activewear is designed to empower and celebrate women of all ages, ensuring that you feel confident and comfortable, whether you're mastering a yoga pose or enjoying a leisurely walk in the park

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From our customers...

"I bought my first pair of 'Must Have Pants' more than a year
ago and loved wearing them from the moment I put them on! 

They fit me with an easy elegance that is hard to find –
with enough room everywhere I want it and not too much everywhere else. In
addition, the fabric is soft and comfortable and the pockets are nicely sized
(which is important to me) so I ordered two additional pairs – one for when my
first is in the laundry and another to keep in a place I often visit and wanted
to be sure never to be without them!!"

- Helen