Inner Joy Activewear- Where Comfort Meets Confidence

Inner Joy Activewear- Where Comfort Meets Confidence


Have you ever bought activewear leggings that pinch your waistline or are just impossible to get on? You find yourself doing that wiggle dance just to try and get them up your legs. No thank you! What about that sports bra that digs into your back anytime you breathe or is just a little too short that it makes you worried that it will creep up as you move or bend. Well, here at Inner Joy Activewear, we have seen it all! Especially as middle aged women who are still active, we needed activewear that was made for us! That's how this wonderful idea was born, a mature women's clothing line made just for us, especially for our active lifestyles.

Inner Joy Activewear has everything from activewear tops that are flexible, smooth and never tight, like our Everywear Tank which retains its shape, stays in place and gives full support and coverage; to bottoms that never pinch and feel oh so smooth as you put them on, like our Forever Comfy Joggers which have a relaxed and slimming fit, give you room to move freely, and they even have pockets! 

Our mission was to have activewear available to every woman regardless of her age. Our tops and bottoms encourage every woman to spark our Inner Joy, embrace our confidence and allow us to feel comfortable and look good in every second of the day. This activewear can be worn for any exercise activity, regardless of how high intensity it is, can be worn traveling, getting together with friends and even worn to sleep! The best part is, you can shop this mature women's clothing line made for the everyday active woman- online, right from the comfort of your own home!

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